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Rules of Engagement



Please be sure to review these basic terms prior to awarding a project:


1. Unless otherwise stated in the proposal, one round of minor technical revisions is included on any project of less than 500 words, if needed (hissing, background noises, hum, etc).


2. The revision policy does not apply to script changes. Script changes will incur additional an additional recording fee of 50% of the project budget (whether fixed price of hourly rate).


3. Once a sample or demo is approved, the VO talent will record the project in-line with that sample or demo as close as possible. Requests for extreme tone changes after sample or demo approval are not covered under the revision policy.


4. Any technical or speech errors will be immediately corrected free of charge and are not considered revisions.

5. For projects less than 500 words, minor revisions of up to 500 words total are covered in the revision policy. Requests for revisions beyond 500 words will incur additional charges.

6. Hourly projects are per PRODUCTION HOUR, not finished. A one hour minimum charge may apply for smaller projects. This is subject to project review.


7. All projects subject to materials review prior to any commencement of the work. I find myself putting placeholder bids on many projects due to lack of information, such as budget, length, deadline, audio format, file separation, usage rights, etc. I like to avoid misunderstandings with projects, and this is the best to way to achieve that. This applies to both fixed price and hourly projects.


8. Script revisions I make or any script writing I perform is subject to additional charges, based on the script requirements.

9. All scripts and pronunciation guides are the responsibility of the client. VO will not make unpaid corrections for pronunciation errors that could have been handled prior to recording. This especially applies to medical, technology, and financial scripts that may have difficult words or acronyms that need to be sounded out. It is your responsibility to provide the pronunciation that is correct.

10. I review all project details carefully. Please do not solicit or entertain trying to lower my rates, it will not usually go anywhere. I have no interest in low paying You Tube narration jobs that pay $10 for a 15 minute script. This is my job, and it costs me time and money to produce work, the same as it does for you. Please be mindful that you are considering and/or hired me for a skill set that is specialized, and should be treated as such. I realize cost is a factor, but I am not going to invest time and other resources to make peanuts. Thanks for understanding this policy the most!!!  

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