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Voice Over

Crowley Ford

April 2018              

Voice Over

Sanofi ELearning

August 2017


Voice Over

​Bank of Valleta. Malta

May 2017  



Voice Over

​The Way To Wealth

May 2014



Voice Over

Anthem Injury Law Firm​

September 2019



Voice Over

Break 90 Fitness

August 2016


Voice Over


September 2013



Voice Over/Great Big Story​

CNN/Cowboy Narrator

 August 2018            


Voice Over

7UP10 Contest Entry

December 2012


Voice Over

Scam Detector

December 2012


Voice Over

​Snyder Heritage Farms

Maple Syrup, June 2012              

National Contest Winner!!

"Dairy Queen S'mores Jingle Contest" 

Filmed On Location in Pittsburgh, PA




Music/Music Video

​"20 Years Ago"

The Civil Wars Video Contest Entry, November 2012  

Filmed On Location in Dilley and San Antonio, TX



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